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25 Hottest College Halloween Costumes

25 Hottest College Halloween Costumes

College Halloween costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the most creative holiday of the year that everyone of all age can dress up in costumes. If you are in college, then you want to have a tight game for the selfies and stands out. Starting from a classic clueless, anime maids, devil or angel. These costumes will make you social media worthy.

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1. Clueless Cher and Dionne

College Halloween Costumes, Cher and Dione

This is one of the most popular girl movies in the 90’s still iconic today. Cher and Dionne are best friends who are both fashionable and confident. By dressing up like them you are not only making a statement, but you will look cool. 

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2. Angel or Devil

College Halloween Costumes

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The angel and devil combo is great for best friends halloween costumes ideas. If you want to be a saint or sinner and pair with your friend for a interesting look.

3. Devils Cheer Costume,Friends that slay together even on Halloween

To all the parties trendsetters, lots of parties going on this season. You want to dress up and get into character in these festive costumes.

4. Cute Affordable Mouse College Halloween Costumes

College Halloween Costumes

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Wearing black mouse costume is trendy and cute. Simple way to look fashionable on a college budget. 

5. Three blind mice

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6. Try be Unicorn in Tuto for Your Next College Halloween Costume Party

You can dress up as a cute unicorn in a Tuto and with glitter will surely spark the attention.

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7. Netflix and Chill

College Halloween Costumes

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This is basically a just your regular T-shirt with text printed on. Creative and easy Halloween costume idea. 

8. Alien College Halloween Costumes

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9. Snow White with a modern edge

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These easy dyi costumes you can sure put together yourself, both cute and clever costumes. They are scary good original ideas for snow white with a modern pop edge. You will sure dance the night away in this super cute costume.

Halloween costume ideas college

Next up are Costume ideas to inspire your next shopping. Also check out Couples Halloween costumes.

11. Riverdale Betty and Veronica

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If you are a big river dale fan like I am well here are the two main girls. You and your best friends can pull this off.

12. Glam Queen

13. Cute Unicorn Costume for College Halloween Parties

14. Beautiful Hair and Costume

15. Life Guards


17. Batman Woman Costume

18. Halloween Costume idea with friend

19. Powerpuff Girls Costume

funny halloween costumes for 3 girls

funny halloween costumes for 3 girls

20. BFF’s Captain costume

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This is another budget friendly look that really works well. It looks great but will cost you less than $50.

21. Cute girly Halloween college maid costume

22. Gothic Alice

Princess Jasmine

Fairly Oddparents

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