4 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Color Scheme, Bright Colors

Color Scheme, decorate your apartment with light colors. Light colors will have your space feeling as airy and bright as possible. Dont use black-out blinds let the natural light shine in. Try adding floor length mirror or gallery wall mirror to let your space seems larger and also save space. Mirror also reflects backlight giving your space more light.

Copy the Look:

Look for multi-purpose or folding furniture

This one is huge, a piece of furniture that has multi-purpose will save you both space and money. For example, I have a vanity, I use it as a desk. Some people even use beds that can be put away easily to make more room.

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Dont allow clutter to build-up

Shop the Look:

Clutter will make your tiny space even tinier so declutter often. So start getting rid of things you dont like. Keep things at a minimum so keep an eye out for clutters.

Take advantage of vertical spacing

Take your walls into consideration, if you are tight on space. Consider installing shelves and other wall items. Think of art that adds vertical depth.

Your room home is where you spend most of your time relaxing and having intimate moments. Not because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be as comfortable. Getting small furniture and appliance really helps to have all you need in your little spot.

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