Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are still having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for her, you’re in the right place. You can now wow your love one with one of these perfect gift.


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This post contain 20 gift hand picked that is under $50. She will get a nice gift that she will love and that your wallet will also love.

Another reason to love these gifts is that most ship free and easy return policy. So if she decide she would like something else no problem, you can return or exchange easily. You can also get free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime Membership on items in this list.


1 . Amazon Prime Membership 

Give her this luxurious m,massage pillow that she can enjoy over and over. This is cheaper than getting human massage and convenient after a long day. This is so nice you may want to purchase 2 so you guys dont have to fight over one 😂. 

2.  Sterling Silver I Love You to The Moon and Back Love Heart Cubic

You cant really go wrong with jewelry, and this is just so cute . Your girlfriend/wife will surely love something like this and  its not too much.

3.  GLAMFIELDS Straightener Iron Brush

If she likes to straighten her hair she will appreciate this. Hair straightening brush is the new fad and best part this is ideal for all hair type. I for one rather to have a fuller  looking hair than bone straight. This brush comes with double negative ions that seal the cuticle and lock in your hairs natural moisture. 

4. Fruit Infused Water Bottle, Insulating Sleeves and Flavored Water Recipe eBook

If she is about being fit and getting her fresh fruits and water daily. She will love this gift , infusion Pro Premium fruit-infused water bottle also comes  insulating sleeves and a recipe ebook so she can try out different flavors of water.


5.  Makeup Brush Set



This is a great gift idea for her if she wants to get all dolled up at anytime.




She will appreciate the time you took to look for her perfect shade. The best part these kit is for starters , look natural on the skin and at a nice price.


7. Cosmetic Storage Boxes Makeup Organizer Set

If her makeup is all over the vanity then this is a perfect gift. This cosmetic organizer has compartments for her lipstick and drawers for her eye shadows, foundation, brushes, and jewelry. It will make both of you very happy.


8 . HyperChiller HC1 Long Lasting Ice Cold Beverage Cooler



This is perfect gift for anyone whose favorite drink is iced coffee. The HyperChiller  will make the perfect iced coffee in a minute without the dilution or wait in line at the coffee shop.


9Mr.Pro Waterproof travel Cosmetic Bag 

A stylish practical cosmetic bag to carry all her beauty essentials. This bag will keep her belonging organize. This bag will also wont take up much space when not in use. Foldable ,portable and lightweight when travelling. 


10. LETSCOM waterproof Fitness Tracker


If she likes to watch her weight or just love hitting the gym this is a great gift. Monitor heart rate, step counter and counts calories. This is just a nice gift for anyone who wants to be healthier.


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