Benefits of olive oil in hair


Benefits of olive oil in hair growth are many , some people will still not believe that olive oil can be used in hair care . Extra Virgin Olive oil is pack with antioxidants that offer nourishment for the over all health of the scalp .

Olive oil help with hair loss which occur because of misused of chemical to our hair such as coloring , relaxers and the hormone called DTH . Olive oil is possible the best natural remedy for hair loss for both male and female . 

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Numbers of benefits of Olive Oil in hair growth such a as getting rid of head lice , dandruff on the scalp. The in olive oil helps to get rid of dandruff and head lice with consistent use .


The fatty acid to keep the scalp moisturized which will help repair hair follicles and stimulate hair growth . Olive Oil is also a natural remedy that clarifies and moisturize that help to prevent breakage and split ends , leaving your hair moisturized and shiny .So the next time you are out pick up a bottle of olive oil and get desire result. 

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