6 ways to look and feel younger

look younger

There’s no denying – we cannot stop aging, however, there are numerous this that we can do and alter to look and feel 20, if not 30 years younger. They say age is merely a number, and we couldn’t agree more, so the best way to accept this sheer fact is implementing things that will rejuvenate you thoroughly. All it takes is making a few science-backed changes, altering your sleep patterns, doing more physical exercises, reshaping your diet, and start pampering yourself. Sounds hard? On the contrary, with these practical and nifty ways, you would undoubtedly feel younger in no time. Read on.

1. Revive your diet

It all starts with the food that we intake – our looks, skin, even mental state of mind are affected by the right diet. If your aim is to look more rejuvenated and refreshed, incorporate a more articulate diet. This means eating fewer carbs, saturated sweets, over-processed meals, and eating more lean protein-enriched food, and food rich in antioxidants. Hence, eat and prepare more leafy greens, berries, nuts. Add all other ingredients to your plate that is loaded with nutrients and trigger better fat burn and fight off inflammation.

2. Nurture your skin

As we are getting older, our skin takes the most baggage. Besides being exposed to harmful sun rays that slowly deteriorate skin cells, pollution, and dirt also trigger the skin to lose its vitality. Vitamin A derivatives like retinol and retinoids do wonders for the skin as magical anti-aging ingredients, so aim to get only top-notch beauty products. For instance, if you were to look at herbal dynamics beauty products, you will see that most of them contain only healthy nature-inspired ingredients like pear antioxidant daily moisturizer that encourage healthy skin cell production.

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3. Get active

Don’t let your age be the barrier for the multi-beneficial exercising. Being in constant motion will upscale your mental and physical state, but above all release serotonin, the happy hormone, that will immediately rejuvenate your spirit. If you have some health issues, you can start mild. Go brisk walking, enroll in a pilates or yoga class, try out Thai Chi, the list is endless. Working out reduces inflammation, combats achy joints, and releases tension and agitation.

4. Change your hairstyle

An immaculate hairstyle is the symbol of perfection and youth. Nobody has to see the obvious “signs” of aging, neither do you, so do your best to shape up your greying hair. Start with warm hues. Dye your hair into the color that suits your personality and unique style. Choosing golden and dark brown hues and avoiding anything resembling grey is the key to looking 10 years younger.

5. Embrace mindful activities

The more you get surrounded by the people you love and do the things that make you feel astonishing, the happier you will look and feel. Spend more time with your loved ones, do the things that make you feel content and satisfied. Read a good book, go to see your favorite play, treat yourself with a spa treatment, invite friends for a glass of wine or elope on a weekend getaway. People who are dissatisfied with their lifestyle tend to look older than they actually are.

6. Pamper yourself

No matter the time and money you invest, always look sensational. Get the clothes that suit your age but with a twist. Don’t wear too baggy nor to fitting items, but be gracious and elegant at all times. Pamper yourself by nurturing your skin and beautifying it at all times. Wear suitable makeup, full up your lips with a lip liner, get thicker but dazzling brows that give an illusion of a younger face, and choose peachy blush with a timid shimmer for a closing perfection.

Find time and energy to do the things that fulfill you as a person, but above all aim to ravish your skin and get more beauty sleep. These little but extremely effective tips will boost your confidence, stamina, and grace – all of which are the number one ingredients to looking young and fresh.

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