10 Things Every Girl Needs to Bring on the Prom Night

Things Every Girl Needs to Bring on the Prom Night

Prom night is the night when teenagers across the country don their best attire and head to the dance. This is a special event for all spending a lot of time and money planning, so it is important that every girl knows what she needs to bring with her. Here are some items that match with a prom dress, every woman should consider carrying with her on this special day.

1. Wallet and clutch purse

There are many occasions when you need to carry your wallet with you and therefore it is important that you do not forget to bring it with you on any occasion. When it comes to purses, there are different styles that girls like best, so each girl has her favorite pocket style. It is always important that the purse should match the prom dress in color and style. For example, you need a crystal purse to match your sequins prom dress.

2. Extra pair of earrings

Many girls like to match their earrings with their necklaces and bracelets, so it is important to bring at least two extra pairs of earrings in case one falls off or breaks. If the girl does not want to wear her own earrings and prefers to use a clip-on, that is fine as well. The important thing is for the girl to be happy with how she looks.

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3. Hair accessories

Girls often wear hair accessories to add some extra flair to their prom night attire. Therefore, it is important that they carry extra hair accessories with them on this special day. For example, hair bars and sticks can be tucked away in a small compartment in the purse until they are needed. Girls who want to switch up their looks can carry different hair accessories so they can choose which ones look the best with their prom night attire.

4. Tissues

It is not uncommon for girls to have a runny nose on prom night, so it is important that she brings tissues with her for any occasion when she needs them.

5. Lint roller

Girls wear a lot of accessories on prom night, so it is important that they take the time to look over their attire before leaving for the dance to check for any lint or dust. If there are any areas that have picked up lint, these can be removed using a lint roller before leaving home.

6. Shoe accessories

Girls often buy new shoes specifically for their prom night, but they don’t leave home without making sure they match those shoes with other accessories in their wardrobe. Therefore, it is important that girls bring shoe accessories such as hair ties and bows to match the shoes with other clothing items such as socks and stockings.

7. Cell phone and charger

Keeping in touch with friends and family members at prom is important, so girls need to consider carrying cell phones with them on this night. Girls should also think about charging these devices before leaving for the prom so they do not run out of power later in the evening.

8. Cologne

Some girls like to wear cologne while they go out, so it is important that they carry at least one with them on this night. This is especially important for girls who are not used to wearing cologne because they will want to make sure they do not use too much of it.

9. Band-aids

Girls are always at risk of getting a cut, so it is important that they carry band-aids with them at all times. This way, if a girl does happen to get a cut on her prom night, she can apply the band aid and fix the problem right away without having to worry about going home or finding a doctor on her special night.

10. Any mirror

A mirror is very important to check your make-up before you go out. It will remind you to carry your small mirror in your purse. If you forgot or suddenly don’t have anything with you, just ask the nearby security staff or any staff in the school building if he/she can lend you a mirror.

The above are 10 items every girl needs to bring with her on prom night. It is important that girls remember to wear items that are comfortable and make them feel confident. It is also important that each girl considers carrying an emergency kit with her so she can deal with any problems she encounters on prom night. Take on your perfect prom dress and enjoy your big day!

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